We depend on our donors to implement our humanitarian projects, to keep our operations going; to pay salaries and other overhead. Without your donations, all the plans will become impossible to implement. We pay salaries because we also hired staff to manage and run our activities. They are working full time and they are very important to us and without them we cannot move and nothing were done.

As a Muslim NGO, we used the guideline on the distribution of zakat (tithe) where the Amil (the zakat collectors) are entitled to a maximum of one-eighth of the total collection. This is the general guideline to benchmark the maximum that we can spend on overhead out of the total donations collected.

We value and appreciate any amount of donations given to us. We will exercise maximum care to ensure that your donations reach the rightful recipient. We will make sure that every project that we implement is beneficial to the community. We will visit the project site as frequent as possible through our field staffs and volunteers to see that the person/s to whom that we have entrusted to be the Project Caretaker/s is doing their job as we agreed before the project implementation.

Your contribution could make a difference in someone’s life. No matter how small, it goes a long way.


Misi 10 hari bagi mengumpul sumbangan untuk penyerahan selimut / pek makanan kepada penduduk Syria.
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