Through my 20 years of experience of working with Multinational Corporations as well as being the proud owner of businesses, I became exposed first-hand to the world of Non-Profit Organisations. I have helped raise funds for a local Masjid renovation and I found it to be a fulfilling experience. The satisfaction from being able to give back to the community in such a way, it was a satisfaction I never got from my countless years of working.

By Allah’s will, a group of friends and I were grief-struck when Gaza was attacked in 2012. Our hearts were moved by the daily bombings with no regard to the suffering of children, women, and elderly suffering. . We have decided that it was time for action. My group and I pushed for aggressive fundraising and together, we personally went to Gaza to deliver aid. Being there, in a true war zone, did it occur to me; there’s no such thing as a one-off
help. There would not be an end to this war and it cannot be a temporary aid.

We must do more. A few of us banded together and with a team of astounding, industrious, and like-minded people, Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association incepted.

It has been an uphill climb since but its rewards have been immeasurable. To those reading so far, I thank you and I would like to personally ask that you join our cause, and together, we can aid the misfortunate of the world.

Let’s together get towards fulfilling good deeds, and may these deeds turn into a never-ending, flowing river of rewards, a cycle that helps one another, and may we see each other in the rewards of Akhirah.

Yours sincerely,

Mohd Shah Sapiei
Chief Executive Officer