Alitisam Relief Program Association - Humanitarian Aid For The World

How we began

Al-I’tisam went into action in Feb 2013. It started off as a loose grouping to carry out humanitarian mission into Gaza, Palestine. The experience in Gaza left a deep impression on members of the team that eventually led to the registration of Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association. Al-I’tisam officially began to function as a registered NGO on 8th April, 2013.

Al-I’tisam matured very fast. At an infancy age of about 2 years plus, it emerged as one of the most active Malaysian NGO delivering aid and relief not only in Malaysia but also in several other countries such as Cambodia, Palestine, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Syria, and Indonesia. We plan to grow and expand our work into more countries where the population suffers from war and poverty. To realize the goals, greater support is needed from all.


Humanitarian aid for the world


To work with the marginalised communities to end poverty and suffering