Nepal Relief – Qurbani 1440H/2019

Project Description

  • To slaughter 12 heads of buffalo in Kapilvastu district in Nepal for the Muslim minority.
  • Distribution date: January to December 2019
  • Distribution for 720 people
  • Location Krishna Nagar, Kapilvastu

Each family were given about 5 kgs of qurbani meat. Many of the beneficiaries felt that the Eid this year was the best they ever had. Not many Muslim International NGOs actually working in Nepal. We are glad to choose Nepal as one of Qurbani destination in 2019. We are planning to carry out more projects in Nepal to support our Muslim brothers there.

About 150 families benefitted from the project. This was our first ever project for the Muslim minority in Nepal.

We choose buffalo because it was a criminal offence to slaughter cow in this predominantly Hindu country.

According to the census done in 2011, Nepal has about 1.1 million Muslim comprises of 4.4% of the population.


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Pertubuhan Program Ceria Al-I’tisam

πŸ’³MAYBANK : 562478141589
πŸ’³CIMB : 8600633583
πŸ’³BIMB : 12038010114731

RM 2000
Total Donation Collected

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