We often get asked: Why Nepal? it is not surprising considering we have operated in other more infamous countries such as Syria, Yemen, or Myanmar. Five out of the nine countries we operate in are War Zones. However, 3 of these countries are places in which Muslims are a minority, oppressed, and destitute. Furthermore, they are ignored when it comes to education, economics, and healthcare.

Muslim Nepalis, being a minority, often get overlooked in terms of aid. Due to this, we started performing yearly Qurban in Nepal for the Muslim minorities in order to shorten the distance between our ties.


Winter Gift For Nepalese Orphans

We are please to inform you that we have launched "Winter Gifts for Nepalese Orphans" project. The objective is to help the Nepalese orphans to face this year's harsh winter, which the temperature can drop below zero degree Celsius.