Hunger May Killed Theme Before Corona Virus


To continue feeding the Muslims of Delhi facing hunger emergency since Coronavirus lockdown in Delhi, India.


On the night of 23 February 2020, communal violence broke out in northeast Delhi over the speech of several political leaders following the anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protest by Muslims, which led to an anti-Islamic violence attack by extremist groups on Muslims in northeast Delhi. More than 2,000 Muslim houses and shops were torched by extremist groups.

Before our Muslim brother could recover from this attack, emotionally and economically, India went into voluntary quarantine on 22 March 2020 due to a Coronavirus outbreak, and then a nationwide lockdown from 24 March 2020. As of 24 June 2020, the capital state of Delhi tally of Coronavirus cases already crossed the 66,000-mark, with more than 2,300 fatalities and the biggest single-day jump of 3,947 cases.

As a result of this pandemic and lockdown, India is on the brink of a hunger crisis and the government is no longer in the position to guarantee the right to food during this pandemic. Needless to say, Muslims of Delhi who was still reeling from the violent attack on them earlier, are now facing a hunger emergency that they never faced before due to this virus outbreak.


In March 2020, we distributed food aid for Muslims in Delhi for 1,000 people, the victims of Delhi violence.

In April 2020, again we distributed food aid to 350 families in Delhi who were facing food emergency due to Coronavirus outbreak lockdown.

2020 and April 2020.

But the pandemic is more violence than the Delhi riot.

We need at least INR4,000 to feed 100 people daily, or INR40,000 to feed 1,000 people daily with cooked food, and for them to go through this pandemic and the lockdown.

Your generosity will help our Muslim brothers in Delhi survive in this crisis!

Please act now!

May Allah accept and protect our good deeds and ease the suffering of the needy around the world whilst making us the means of their ease.