Save Syria-Emergency Mission 2019

Project Description

  • Emergency mission in Northern Syria from 23rd Oct to 11th Nov 
  • Distribution of 50 packs of food in Albab.
  • Distribution of 300 packs of food in Manbij.
  • Operating field kitchen in Tal Abyad preparing 500 packs of rice and meat a day for 10 days  from 23rd Oct to Nov 11th.

We were in Northern Syria for 4 days, the second time there in 2019

The situation was quite tense after the Turkish forces entered North Eastern Syria to establish what they called a Safe Zone in that region. The people there were expecting the Kurds to take some retaliatory actions against the Turkish and the innocent general population. True enough, 2 weeks after we left for home, there was a BIG EXPLOSION right in front of our hotel. Fifteen civilians were killed and more than 50 were injured.

The project WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL. We managed to open a field kitchen for 10 days, preparing 500 meals per day in Tal Abyad, the front line and was hotly contested by the warring parties. This was the second time we managed to operate a kitchen in war zone after Douma in Jan to March 2018.

Our volunteers have also managed to enter the second frontline in Manbij and risked their lives to distribute food package to 300 families. There were several dangerous moments when their vehicles were attacked by a number of unknown gunmen but fortunately nobody was injured.


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