Save Syria-Food for Syria 2019/1440H

Project Description

  • To distribute 5000 kg of flour to 200 households
  • Distribution mission in Douma, Eastern Ghouta 
  • Distribution for 1,000 people

Outside help no matter how small, is always welcome. The project carried by Al-I’tisam gave a temporary relief to 200 families.

High rate of unemployment caused many to live in poverty. To the best of our knowledge, no NGOs including foreign and local, working in Douma. Only the United Nations on an occasional basis were allowed to distribute aid to the people.

The distribution of the flour turned into tragedy when 3 of our volunteers including a woman, were kidnapped by a group claimed to be from the security forces. They demanded USD15,000 per person to secure their release. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to meet their demand.

As at the date of this report, 2 persons have been released but the whereabouts of the third person is still unknown.


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Pertubuhan Program Ceria Al-I’tisam

💳MAYBANK : 562478141589
💳CIMB : 8600633583
💳BIMB : 12038010114731

RM 10000
Total Donation Collected

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