School For The Poor Rohingya Children

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Changing The Future Of Rohingya Children Through Education


Provide perfect and conducive educational facilities for Rohingya children


According to a United Nations report, the Rohingya are the most persecuted ethnic group in the world. The long history of Rohingya oppression began in 1748 when Burma invaded Arakan and carried out massacres of the Muslim population. In 1982 the Myanmar government introduced the Burmese Citizenship Law 1982. Through this act the Rohingya are not recognized as part of an ethnic group in Myanmar and deny Rohingya citizenship.

Various military operations were carried out during the period and most recently at the end of August 2017. A total of 750,000 Rohingya refugees fled to Southern Bangladesh seeking refuge as a result of the incident. Many of the refugees are elderly, women and children. Much evidence of the brutality and oppression perpetrated by the Myanmar army on the Rohingya ethnic group has been exposed such as rape, murder, torture and arson.

Living condition

Rathedaung, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Rathedaung, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Tengkhali Camp, Bangladesh (24 Sept. 2017)
Balukhali Camp, Bangladesh (2 Sept. 2017)
Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh (13 Oct.2017)


For a long time, Rohingya children were denied their rights to education. They are not allowed to go to government schools due to their unrecognized citizenship status. They only get an informal education in private schools built of wood and bamboo for many years with the cooperation of the villagers. These rundown schools are very unsafe for Rohingya children because decades-old buildings are at the brink of collapse at any time and risk injuring students. Many Rohingya children are suffering from illiteracy due to dropouts and due to lack of schooling and learning facilities.

Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh (13 Oct.2017)


Al-I’tisam is very concerned about the education of Rohingya children who have dropped out of school.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Nelson Mandela

Since 2015 Al-I’tisam has built 5 new schools for Rohingya children in Arakan, Myanmar.

School : Al-I’tisam Ranyfarah, Kyauktaw



School: Al-I’tisam Dagongfarah, Kyauktaw



School:  Al-I’tisam Manigafarah, kyauktaw



School:  Al-I’tisam khadyfarah, Kyauktaw



School: Al-I’tisam Poidafarah, Kyauktaw



School:  Al-I’tisam Rathedaung, Arakan


The rest of the world needs to continue to support this minority and urge Myanmar leaders to make policy changes to the oppressed Rohingya. This call and support should be consistent and not seasonal so that the impact is greater and more effective. Only education can change the fate of the Rohingya to regain their rights and change the fate of future generations.

Meanwhile, let’s not wait for things to happen. Help us build and complete this school. 

What Can You Do To Help Us?

Join us by donating to this cause. The schools built will last for years to come, producing educated poor children, giving them hope and a chance to enhance their lives.

May Allah accept your kind donations as one of your good deeds, with this act of kindness. Amen. 

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