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Project objective

To provide a safe and comfortable shelter away from the war zone for refugee families fleeing violence in Syria.

Campaign objective

To raise USD45,000 through your donations to build 50 shelters for 50 refugee families to accommodate 300 family members in Rajou, Afrin city in Northern Syria. The construction of the new shelters is to start in September 2020 and to finish by early October, just in time for winter.

Project background

NGO Al-I’tisam has completed Phase 1 of Shelter4Syria Project, consisting of 45 shelters on a piece vacant land in Rajou, Afrin City in mid March 2020. Alhamdulillah, in this new location, about 270 people have been able to live peacefully away from the war zone. No more bombings and explosions that have killed so many of their friends and family members.

At the new place, they are able to sleep well at night and no more afraid to leave their families at home while they go out looking for work to earn something for their love ones. In their previous homes, they were always scared of the state security apparatus and militias raiding their homes at night or whenever the man of the house was not around.

The opportunity to settle down in a new location have allowed them to start a new life improving their economies and to slowly get over the nightmares they have gone through for so many years since the war in Syria began in 2011.

At this early stage, we observed that the main objectives of the project have been achieved. Everyone is happier and trying to rebuild a new life. The children are able to be children again. They do not need to fear of the war and the deadly explosions they have experienced before. The positive results have encouraged us to expand the project and to introduce Phase 2

AL-I’TISAM VILLAGE Phase 1 in Rajou, Afrin city

Syrian families in war zone. Al-I’tisam distributing foods among families in shelters 20 feet underground. They have to stay here on average of 20 hours a day and sometime even deep underground were not safe enough for some of them.

At their new home in Al-I’tisam village Phase 1, some refugees already started small businesses to earn income to support their families. They can only do this in a peaceful environment

Syrians leaving their homes in war zones looking for safer places to start anew. Most people have to leave many of their belongings behind to be vandalised and stolen by the militias and Assad’s soldiers

Some have no choice but to make partly destroyed building as their homes. Risky and dangerous but they can’t afford to be choosy  when it’s the only choice they have.

The temperature during winter can be as low as 0 deg C.

“Whosoever relieves from a believer some grief pertaining to this world, Allah will relieve from him some grief pertaining to the Hereafter.”

Hadith Rasulullah SAW


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